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Brief History of Special Forces Ministries

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Special Forces Ministries (SFM) is an international, support-based, non-profit organization founded by Dr. Daniel M. Hubbell to empower the lives of believers so that communities will be impacted for Christ.

Raised in very dysfunctional homes, Danny and his wife Tina had developed a marriage that was a devastation to themselves and others. Neither had a relationship with the Lord until a San Antonio Police officer and his wife introduced them to Jesus Christ, the only one who could heal their broken lives.

There was, however, a great void of understanding and knowledge in those days of ministering to those who were born into the kingdom needing “intensive care.” Thus, the road to wholeness was a long one. The only help available was outrageously expensive and secular. Out of a desire to grow a healthy relationship with his family and a holy walk with Christ, God led Danny to Bible College to teach him how to be the husband and father he was called to be.

Danny began his biblical education and ministry under the watchful eye of Dr. Stan Ponz at the Texas Bible College. He received his doctorate of ministry (with a major in Christian counseling) through Covington Theological Seminary. Eventually, God birthed in the hearts of Danny and Tina the need to minister these same truths that healed their home and marriage into the lives of others. Special Forces Ministries was then established as an independent ministry to anyone in need, regardless of financial ability.

Emphatic about his call, Danny has a unique ability to impart the word of God into the lives of others. Fearless in uncomfortable situations, Danny exposes truth through his vulnerability. He exudes the love of Christ, as he loves others. Without compromise, yet in a non-judgmental fashion, Danny accepts people as they are and seeks to empower them to have a walk with Christ that will impact their homes, churches and communities.

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