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It makes no difference what people do for a living or what uniform they wear. We are still dealing with people who need a touch from the Lord. A bullet-proof vest, handcuffs, and gun won’t protect against temptation, attacks on character or conflicts with morality. It is only through the power of Jesus Christ that law enforcement officers and their families will have the strength to stand against the temptations inherent in the profession. Through the scriptures it is the goal of Chaplain Danny Hubbell and Special Forces Ministries (SFM) to build more productive and more focused police officers to serve within the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), as well as to serve and to protect the city of San Antonio. Empowering lives... Impacting communities.

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Just as there is a need for bullet-proof armor to cover your heart from the piercing of an assailant's weapon, there is a need to cover your heart spiritually from the weapons of the enemy meant to bring you down through temptation or discouragement. That covering is the Word of God. Let these devotions empower you as you are confronted by the wickedness of this world.

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